Pittsburgh Basketball Report
August 1, 2010

Local Talent Makes The All-Tournament Team At Jam Fest

By: Pittsburgh Basketball Report

The Hoop Group recently posted their all-tournament team results for their July 14-16 AAU
Tournament, The West Virginia Jam Fest. With 90 plus teams, only about 95 kids made the
all-tournament team in the 17u age group, with similar numbers in the 16u age group. The
players to make the all-tournament team follows:

17u All-Tournament Team Members

Steve Limberiou - Basketball Stars of America

Brandon Johnson - CRONS

Geoff Fuquay - NPBC Cavemen

16u All-Tournament Team Members

Sim Bhullar - Team Takeover Canada

Major Canady - Basketball Stars of America

Stefan Jankovic - Basketball Stars of America

Brian Kenny - NPBC Cavemen

Shakim Alonzo - NPBC Cavemen

Josh Stepoli - Drill 4 Skill Wildcats

15u All-Tournament Team Members

Matt Stewart - Drill 4 Skill
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